The soft crackle of the waves, the horizon bathed in a gentle glow, and a couple awaiting a new chapter in their lives. As a photographer, capturing these moments is what makes my job truly rewarding.

The Magical Backdrop of Sant Martí d'Empúries for a Maternity Photoshoot

Sunrise maternity shoot at Costa Brava's Sant Martí d'Empúries
Costa Brava's serene morning: a canvas for a couple's maternity journey
Sunrise photoshoot experience
Beginning of a new day and a new life captured at Costa Brava sunrise-Maternity photoshoot Costa Brava
Maternity photoshoot Costa Brava
Maternity photoshoot Costa Brava
Maternity photoshoot Costa Brava
Maternity photoshoot Costa Brava
Maternity photoshoot Costa Brava
Picture-perfect moments for international visitors on the Costa Brava coastline
Maternity photoshoot Costa Brava
Sunrise memories for global couples in Costa Brava
Creating timeless memories for international families on Costa Brava beaches
Eternalizing vacation memories with family photoshoots in Costa Brava
Making memories: family photoshoot at Costa Brava's iconic shores
Romantic beach moments for couples vacationing in Costa Brava
Capturing moments for families visiting Costa Brava's serene beaches
International couple enjoying a Costa Brava sunrise photoshoot

A Brief History of Sant Martí d'Empúries: A Top Choice for Maternity Photoshoots in Costa Brava

Located within the municipality of L'Escala on the Costa Brava, the history of Sant Martí d'Empúries is a rich tapestry dating back to ancient times. Originally, it was the site of the Greek city of Emporion, founded in the 6th century BC. By the 1st century BC, the Romans had made their mark, renaming it Emporiae. Over time, as the Roman town grew in stature, the original Greek city receded into the annals of history. Centuries on, a medieval village rose on the landscape of Sant Martí d'Empúries, retaining its significance through changing times. Today, it's revered not just for its compelling historical and archaeological legacy but for its scenic beauty and captivating sea views. A place where history melds seamlessly with natural splendor, making it an unforgettable backdrop for any event.

A New Day Begins: The Dawn of a Maternity Photoshoot in Costa Brava

While many might be drawn to Sant Martí d'Empúries for its history, for Carmen and Germán, it was the ideal backdrop for their maternity photoshoot. Their bond, evident in each frame, mirrored the timeless beauty of the surroundings. With the dawn casting a rosy hue, the couple's joy and anticipation were palpable.

Capturing Raw Emotion

One of the highlights was when the sun edged above the horizon, its reddish hue illuminating the couple standing in the water, facing each other. A symbolic representation of a new dawn, a new phase in their lives.

To top off this already enchanting scene, Bimba and Lola, the couple's adorable dogs, made their star appearances, adding an extra layer of warmth and family feel to the shoot.

The Technical Bits

Gear-wise, the shoot mainly leveraged a Canon mirrorless R6 camera. The Sigma 70-200 tele lens, a 35mm, and occasionally a 50mm were my go-to choices. I also employed diffuser filters for a special touch and some shots even made use of a GoPro 11.

Why This Shoot Was Special

Reflecting on the shoot, it whisked me back to my early days as a photographer, especially to the maternity session of my partner, which marked my journey's inception. Every sunrise shoot has its challenges - mainly the limited window to capture the soft sun - but the results, as evident, are always worth it.

Contact and Booking: Your Costa Brava Maternity Photoshoot Awaits

If you're looking to immortalize a special moment in a place where history and nature converge beautifully, don't hesitate. Dive into the experience, let raw emotions guide the shoot, and let me handle the rest. Discover more about my approach and offerings.

“Absolutely incredible. We were astonished at how much heart and dedication was put in”

Kind Words

"Since we got in touch with him, everything went smoothly. He resolved all the doubts we had and was attentive to everything. The photo session was incredible and the outcome couldn't have been better. Thank you very much for creating unforgettable moments."

- Carmen & Germán

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